The End-Times/Israel Mandate Praying Church Internship – For Pastors that want to Cultivate a Culture of Prayer in your Congregations

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It was such a blessing sharing in the Revival Man Tour Call/Columbus.  We spoke with many who said that time of Prayer and Worship for Revival and Reconciliation changed their lives forever.  We are grateful for such positive feedback and impact from this gathering of prayer for revival.  We would like to invite you to our next City Praying Church gathering and opportunity to build the ministry of prayer and reconciliation in our city.
Praying at the Call Columbus Revival Man Tour
Praying for Revival at the Call/Columbus Revival Man Tour
Hope For Columbus and Freedom Reign Christian Center Presents: The Israel Mandate/End-Times Internship – A School for Prayer & City Wide Revival. This Praying Church Internship is a three month internship, held at 120 Southwood Ave  on the south end of Columbus Ohio, March 28-June 15th (or it can be held at your local church at a later date) for all those who feel called to connect with the Man in prayer, Jesus Christ, the Land of Prayer, Jerusalem, and establish a culture of prayer and revival in their lives, families or ministries, in preparation for the return of the Lord and His Kingdom, in earth as it is in heaven.
This End-times Praying Church/Israel mandate Internship is a curriculum especially designed to connect you with the Man and the Land – Yeshua, the Messiah, and the place He’s coming back to set up His kingdom in the earth – Jerusalem.  The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in Jerusalem and said, I’m coming back soon and the way my bride will prepare for my return is to reconnect to the land I’m coming back to.
In addition, this internship is further designed to impart the vision, values, and understanding of the basic structure of the Tabernacle of David, which is the throne Jesus will sit and reign upon – The Throne of David, which is operation in Governmental Intercession over the nations of the earth from 24/7 worship with intercession.  This model of the Tabernacle of David is what the Church is called to restore and raise up as is depicted in  Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16.  This restoration has been seen and brought to the forefront in the earth in this generation by Mike Bickle at the International House of Prayer- Kansas City, a 24/7 worship & prayer ministry.
In this internship you will learn this end-times, signs of the times, end of the age restoration process of 24/7 worship and prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David, along with practical skills necessary to succeed long term as an Intercessor or praying church, developing intercessory missionaries, worshipers, musicians and forerunner messengers that will establish God’s house as a House of Prayer for all nations.

After the internship, at the end of the year, in the fall of 2018 we will all take a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to encounter the Man we’ve been learning about and praying to, in the Land He’s coming back to. The Israel Pilgrimage cost of $2500, will be free to the Interns (missions fundraising training for the pilgrimage fee is included in the course work)  – Depart  Sept 21 – Oct 3, 2018
  • Includes Food
  • Includes Lodging
  • Includes All Transportation in Israel
  • Includes Airfare from the USA

The 3 month track will include teachings from books written by Brondon Mathis during his 3 years on the leadership team at the International house of Prayer in Kansas City, a 24/7 worship and prayer ministry.  Ihopkc has been in continual prayer and worship for the last 18 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contending, through day and night prayer, for a breakthrough of Justice and revival in Kansas City, and the nations of the earth, preparing the cities of the earth for the coming of the Lord.

For the $500 tuition you will receive and be taught from;

  • 5 Textbooks
  • Book of the Revelation Assignment/Study Workbook
  • Harp & Bowl Prayer sets for Israel
  • End Times Bowl, Seals and Trumpet Judgments & Emerging Solemn Assemblies of Prayer
  • Missions development and Fundraising Strategies for raising monies and saving to go to Israel and the Nations
  • How to become a person of prayer or how to become a Praying church
  • How to start and sustain a 24/7 worship & prayer room in your home or church
  • How to organize city-wide prayer and evangelism initiatives through intercession and compassionate works of justice
  • How to become a person or church for all nations
  • How to Fund the mission God has given you.
  • Trip and Pilgrimage to Israel with Holy Sites teachings and Worship during the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall.

The Tuition includes the latest books listed below on these subjects by Brondon Mathis, available on 

(6) Money is Restored – Preparing to Arise during the coming the Financial Fall

(7) Religion Racism and Reconciliation – The Emmanuel AME Church Edition – A Message from God’s Word to African-American Christians about Injustice, Forgiveness, and Reparations –

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Brondon Mathis is an ordained ministry of 30 years, having served on the staff and leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, as well as 8 years on the Pastoral Staff at World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio. For more about Brondon Mathis go to click here to read his complete bio with video clips of over 30 years of regional, national and international ministry.

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For other Registration options and Payment arrangements call Shatisha Williams 614-432-9303 or 614-425-7427, or you can email us at

Brondon & Noe Mathis

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