My Abortion Stance

I am unapologetic-ally against Abortion. Not from a politically charged right wing, societal standpoint. This is not a  political issue with me.  I also realize that there are other vantage points, both individually, societal and politically that may have validity, and it’s not my intention to trivialize, minimize or politicize this issue.  In addition, I also realize that being against abortion as a man may cause resentment and consternation from women that are the ones that are carriers of the life that we stand for and seek to protect.  I respect the feelings and thoughts of those that are the doorway into the earth realm of human life…..

Defending Life, both in the womb and outside the womb is spiritual with me because it’s one of the ten commandments in Exodus 20 concerning not murdering, as well as, one of the six things God hates….the shedding of innocent blood in Prov 6:16,17, which eventually brings the judgment of God on any nation.

In addition to this, whenever there was government sponsored abortions in scripture, in Egypt in Exodus 1and in Israel in Matthew 2, it was because the leaders of those governments, Pharoah and Herod, were trying to stop a deliverer from being born (Moses & Jesus).

I believe over 40 million babies being aborted since 1973, six years after Jerusalem was restored back into Jewish hands in 1967, is prophetically significant. Jerusalem needed to be returned to God’s firstborn son, national Israel, because Jerusalem is where Jesus is coming back to, and Jesus tied His return to national Israel’s leaders, both political and religious, inviting Him back, when He said, “YOU (Political, and Religious leaders) will NOT see me again until you say, BLESSED IS HE THAT COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD (Matt 23:39). And six years after Jerusalem is returned back into the hands of Israel, mass kiilings of unborn babies in the womb began, as in Egypt before Moses, and in Israel before Jesus first coming.

I don’t believe This is a coincidence. I believe abortion is less a political, conservative vs liberal issue, tied to conservativism and more a spiritual justice issue connected to the coming of the Lord, and the forces of darkness attempting to abort the generation of the Lords Return.


Secondly, its also been a personal issue of justice for the unborn for me, every since I found out 20 years ago that Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country, was founded with the purpose of killing blacks and other undesirable children. Going so far as to persuade African-American pastors to promote their sinister plot to abort our race from our own pulpits. So yes, I’m unapologetic-Ly against abortion, Firstly, as a man of God and secondly as an African-American.

This issue has never been a liberal, conservative, Democrat, or Republican issue with me. Ive never sided with a party because of the skin color, behavior or political rhetoric of the candidate. But my vote has always gone to the justice issues and reformation needed in society from what creation was groaning for, and with whichever candidate sided with my biblical justice initiatives in the order God had highlighted to me, beginning with LIFE.

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