What is the basis for me, a black man, assigning the responsibility to end the ideology of White supremacy to White people.  Firstly, because it started with White people, and it’s ideology, while not blatant in society, yet still subtly continues in western society and religion today in the 21st century. Furthermore, what’s the basis for any White person telling me, as a Black man or anyone who’s been victimized, to stop being a victim, and then not expect to be told, when appropriate, to deal with the behaviors that causes that victimization?


Both are necessary, and the basis for both is valid. Because being a victim is a choice, being victimized is not. One causes the other, but being a victim is a state of mind, and to stop being a victim requires my mind being renewed and my life being transformed by those that have achieved victories. TO STOP BEING A VICTIM I NEED VICTORIES, and victories come from being coached out of a defeatist mindset. But I have to go after it.

So it is with White supremacy, it’s an ideology that white people are better, either by blatant outward behavior and approaches to other people or by inward unconscious behavior and approaches. I can’t stop that in White people, no more than you can stop me from being a victim by telling me to stop it. I have to stop a victims mentality, Just like good, God fearing, enlightened White people have to stop that mentality, and philosophy of White supremacy.

White Supremacists ideology was birthed in the hearts of White people through an overemphasis on the flesh in determining the value and significance of certain people groups over another, and it’s going to have to be dealt with by killing (crucifying) the very fleshly origin of this evil ideology.

How do you Kill White Supremacy?

1. Take down all Symbols of White Supremacy that cause that ideology to be enforced or recalled in society, including the practice of portraying JESUS as a European/White man. 2 Cor 5:14-17 says we are to not know Christ any longer after the Flesh. But the church, and sects of religiosity on both sides of the divide continue to make JESUS, God or biblical characters in our own image, instead of WE in his. I do not worship a White JESUS, nor a Black, Yellow or Red JESUS. I serve the Rev. 1 glorified Christ, whose eyes are as flames of fire, whose face shines as the Sun in its strength and hair white as wool.

This was one of the greatest foundations of White Supremacy – JESUS, the disciples, Moses the Prophets all being WHITE. And if JESUS/God was White, than White must be right. This is not biblical, and did not originate with the biblical writers, it’s inferred by Bible expositors, commentators, and King James interpreters of the Bible, who were all White. But every people group and every skin tone is represented throughout the Bible, not just one race of people.

Furthermore, God never called or labeled anyone by the color of their skin, but by the land mass or the father they came from. I.e Land of Ham, land of Cush, Children of Israel, Sons of Abraham, etc.

#2. How can you Kill White Supremacy?

Speak up and out on injustices that happen when unenlightened White people with Supremacist philosophies look to continue the ignorance of White supremacists behaviors and practices that present themselves as privileged or better than others, WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING THE FAULTS OF THE OTHER RACES, DIVERTING THE ISSUE FROM THE MATTER AT HAND! .

This is an attempt to divert the attention from the guilt and shame of the behavior that needs to be condemned because the heart of the one diverting the issue has still not dealt with all vestiges of racial superiority or racism within their own heart

#3. You can stop and Kill White Supremacy;

By renewing your mind(education) as well as educating anyone you know that exhibits White Supremacist traits or behavior. I’m not finished but I’m going to stop. That’s just some of my thoughts.