In Jerusalem, after seeing the EASTERN GATE, where Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah will enter into Jerusalem after 2000 years, I heard, “Its time for My body to begin commanding the gates to open up for Christ’s return to Jerusalem and to the cities of the earth.”

I then read Psalm 24 and realized that this is what David was referring to in Psalm 24:3-10

Psalm 24 says, Who shall ascend the Hill of the Lord (Jerusalem), and who shall stand in His HOLY place….He shall receive the blessing of the Lord and the righteousness of the God of His salvation…This is the generation of those that seek His face…Lift your heads O ye GATES and be ye lifted up you everlasting DOORS, That the King of Glory shall come in.

Once I returned to the U.S. and while continuing to meditate on Psalm 24, my paths crossed the President of the US, as I went to minister in a town in Mississippi. That’s when I realized what God wants for 2018, and began declaring it “The Year of Open Gates, Open Doors and Open Heavens.”

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