2018: OUR YEAR OF HOUSEHOLD SALVATION – Psalm 24:1-8; Acts 16:25-31 Preparing the way for the Coming of the Lord: Open the GATES, open the DOORS and the Heavens for the release of Gods promises for 2018 and beyond

I will be sharing from the Word the Lord gave me in Jerusalem and a Dream shared with me from one of the leaders on our leadership team at Hope for Columbus.

THE DREAM: There were multitudes of people, familiar and strangers, on a fairground with tents and pop ups.

I look up and see motion and activity in the clouds People are excited and start saying, “He’s coming! We have to get our tickets!” (No purchase necessary).

Some start thinking and reasoning it out: I have to do this… but I have to do that…trying to get ready but accomplishing nothing. Others don’t realize what’s happening. They just keep running around and playing.
Some say no.

Some run and get their ticket, excited!
People with tickets are being taken to see Jesus. One woman came back still with her ticket but knew she had fallen short.

Another young lady and I are walking across the fairgrounds with many people moving around and we see Jesus, flesh and bone, sitting on a chair talking to a group. We yell, “Hey Jesus!” waving to him. He looks right at us, smiles and shouts “Hi!”, and waves back excited. You could tell how happy he was to be there.

Some of us begin gathering people and family:
The elderly, family, children One elderly man was crippled and I carry him where he needed to be. We would see kids, 5-16 years old and say, “Your parents are over there. Go get your ticket!” and they would run to their parents.

We pass an area of the fairgrounds where an evil looking man has people on their stomach, holding them behind the neck and asking, “Do you want Him?” They would say no and he would touch their lips with his hand. They would scream and their lips would burn and sear/sizzle and smoke and they would be dragged away.

One man started yelling and cursing, “This is my life, this is my life!” as he was pulled away. His legs became covered with lesions and raw sores or blisters, white like leprosy. I see my nephew, Larry and he has to go see this man Death. I beg him to say yes when he’s asked if he wants Jesus. Larry is giving me excuses and I keep saying, “Just say yes, say yes!”

He doesn’t realize what is happening, but is focused on things he needs. He keeps saying things like, “I can get a place to live” and listing things he can do, wanting to be with friends. At the last moment, he tells the man Death he wants Jesus and I’m so happy when he comes back over.

An angel servant comes and it is finally my turn to go see Jesus and I take off running like I’m racing the angel. It seemed like we were flying. Everyone around us was a blur.

I run right into his arms and he hugs me and says, “I am so proud of you!”I wake up and actually cry because he said He was proud of me.

2018: OUR YEAR OF HOUSEHOLD SALVATION – Psalm 24:1-8; Acts 16:25-31